• Is The Biggie vegan? Yes! The Biggie is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I LOVE this burger. Super great comparison to the original version. I reccomend having it

with the standard patty and not the beyond meat one. It's a better ration.

I love this burger so much I'd marry it. Suck on that, Mr. Big Mac.

Ps: awful picture because I couldn't wait to eat it Lol.

It doesn't taste very good and the presentation 👎👎👎👎 i would recommend the parmesan burger.


If you miss the big mac, this is a great vegan replacement! Tastes pretty good

with some lovely vegan cheese + sauce. Quite hard to eat however, as the burger is so big. Only $11 !!

My fiancé gobbled his huge burger swiftly and this is his review: You don't have

to look any further to find a plant-based Big Mac replacement. This pretty much replicates the Big Mac down to a tee including the signature "Special Sauce" in which this burger is generously doused in with a patty that very closely resembles the taste and texture of a beef patty.👍🏻😊

Basically a vegan Big Mac... and it tasted AMAZING. For $11 it was a bit

pricey, would have loved it it came with fries. Devoured it in about 5 minutes.

I always used to love a Big Mac back when I ate meat, so it’s

awesome to have a vegan option! The LotF version doesn’t exactly taste like the original, but it’s still tasty and super filling. Don’t judge it too harshly based on the picture, this was a delivery order so it got a little squashed!

This tastes so much like a big Mac! But a really great quality one and

without any of the murder! Highly recommend this place!

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