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by Lord of the Fries - Swanston Street


4.40 (5)

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3 September 2022
Always got to have a HSP when in Melbourne.

My fiancée loves this a lot we just had to get one more fix before returning home 😂

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17 February 2021
Vegan HSP.

A picture is worth a thousand words 🤤🤤🤤

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29 December 2019
These are the best vegan loaded fries I’ve ever had.

The sauces and meat pieces all go really well mixed together.

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4 November 2019
Halal Snack Pack.

There's 4 choices of fries: classic, shoestring, chunky, sweet potatoes.

Bought 2 large. Choose classic and...

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20 August 2019
Really great vegan HSP, many times I have stopped at LOTF late at night just

to get a HSP. The cheesy sauce is wonderful and their chips are perfect as always. #alv