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3.48 (5)

Medley of green veggies in a green sauce, between layers of pasta sheets and a cashew bechamel topped with vegan cheese

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4 October 2020
Really great dish.

The presentation I felt was a little poor, it look like an off green pile, but the flower and crispy kale was a great touch, and kale was yummmmy. The taste of the lasagne was very bland, felt it needed a bit of a kick / freshness, I'm no chef but maybe from some basil or fresh chilli or something.

Anyway despite those, I really enjoyed the meal, and Lexi's really has gone a few extra miles with their menu range, it's AMAZING

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12 October 2020
Let me just start by saying, if you have not tried lexi's before, you have

to! This ia a super aesthetically pleasing restaurant with super yummy and unique food.

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30 July 2020
A very small piece of lasagne.

Found it a bit too dry. Ingredients are great but not combined well. The lasagne sheets were...

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26 July 2020
The Green Lasagne from Lexi's contains broccoli 🥦 and cashew nuts and can now be

ordered frozen to be enjoyed at home. 🥘

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22 May 2020
Tried another frozen meal from Lexis.

This one was not to my liking and my taste profile. I found the meal to be a bit bland and the vegan cheese on top was not enjoyable for me personally.

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