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Crunchy burger

by Lekker Vegan Kloof


4.49 (9)

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13 August 2020
Absolutely love Lekker Vegan!

The folks who work there are totally amazing and the food is a real treat! #supportgreytonfarmanimalsanctuary #lekkervegan #capetownvegan

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4 March 2022
The burger was delicious although arrived not in one piece by the Uber eats diver.

I really like the sauce and crunch of the schnitzel thing. Definitely will be getting again.

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1 September 2021
Love lekker vegan!

So cool to have a fast food option. This burger was unreal!

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19 March 2021
This was amazing...my boyfriend and I did a big order and shared this and other

items over a weekend...took forever cos there was so much food. It was such value for money and absolutely delicious. We cannot wait to go back!

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2 September 2020
Great portion size.

Burger is loaded with great tasting elements from battered onion to crispy chips, it had it all. Chicken patty was also spiced really well.

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24 December 2020
Why would you EVER eat meat again?!?!

Sauce, messy and full of flavour!!!

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1 December 2020
Oh boy this was so good.

First time there and by all means not healthy but so amazing and the sauce is out of this world. Bought a jar of ot for home to.e

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1 June 2020
The burger comes with onion rings which is a game changer.

Great portion size

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29 December 2019
One of my standard go-to's for just a yummy crunchy burger... Not gonna

replicate a very meaty burger if that's what's you're after though. # greyton

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