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Herbal Handmade Noodles

by Leaf Corner
4.07 (3)

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Leaf Corner
Leaf Corner83 dishes · 173 reviews

11 Irving Pl, #02-01, Singapore 369551

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Most helpful reviews

I really love this dish! the soup was veeeeery herbal with a slight natural sweetness,

as per the name of the dish. they were generous with the herbs too. the noodles were nice and springy. this also came with some mock mutton, which complemented the herbal soup nicely. portion was quite big for the price too. will order this again :-D

Filled to the brim! Super filling, satisfying and wholesome

This is one of my favourite dish at Leaf Corner.

The soup is very rich

in herb flavours and they put a generous amount of edible herb and ingredients in the soup. The mock meat is very delicious and the firmness of the "meat" is just nice. The handmade noodle is very smooth and firm.

I would say this is one of the most valued dish at this restaurant. :)

Nutritionally satisfying with loads of herbs. A tad heavy with Chinese dates which may explain

the excessive sweetness in broth.

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