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Most helpful reviews

The baker’s lunch set should actually come with a ham and cheese tartine of the

day but the waitress helpfully changed it to avocado tartine when I asked for any vegan option.
Tartine was lightly seasoned, potato and leek soup was creamy and filling, pomegranate elevated and made the bean paste popped out (unfortunately didn’t know what’s it’s made of even but the taste was so familiar). Very nice taste overall.

Le Pain brought communal table dining to NYC and probably Hong Kong. I didn't even

know they were in HK until I was looking for a place to eat with a friend. Their avocado tartine is absolutely divine. If you're looking for something vegan Le Pain is the place to go. Instead of bothering with vegetarian dishes they've basically taken everything vegetarian on the menu and made it 100% plant-based. Did I mention that it's beautiful too! Amazing quality, perfect price point and reasonably priced!

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