by Ladybird
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This is my second time ever having arancini and this one takes the cake! This

finger food came out piping hot. I almost burnt my mouth on the first one! It was so good though and luckily I didn't damage my mouth for the rest of the trip. These arancini are served in a vessel traditionally used to escargot. I think it's a perfect cruelty-free repurposing of this dinnerware. The breading on these fried rice balls was amazing and the rice inside was so soft and creamy with mozzarella and green peas. Under each arancini was a Sriracha-based sauce. I didn't find it very hot, but it was a great dip. There was something almost with a bit of sea flavor that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was very welcomed. These transported me to the Italian seaside.

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From the menu: Arancini
green pea, mozzarella, sriracha butter
Didn't try the Sriracha butter because I can't

eat spicy stuff. The arancini had a noticable nooch flavor which isn't bad, but I found it surprising.

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