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Most helpful reviews

Tasty burger! 😋
Middle bun for me too much)
Love pickles on the side😍
And a looot

of fries 👏🏻

It normally looks better but I asked for only one patty but it was delicious!

My friends including non vegans and kids really loved this! The patty is actually veggie

based with lemongrass which gives an asian twist to the burger.

#balieats #burger #alv

All vegan place, which is very popular on instagram. They offer great and delicious food,

some are pretty clean (smoothie bowls, juices and more) and others are more junk (Burgers and more). The atmosphere is amazing, the place is very beautiful and has mostly many visitors. Because it’s so popular, its pretty pricey, compared to traditional Balinese places. But overall its a great place and a nice experience. They also have a shop in front, where they sell vegan ice cream (soooo good), books and clothes!

They add a nice balinese touch to the patty, it has a nice “meaty” texture.

The patty itself could be a bit bigger but the fries were absolutely delicious!

Great burger! It’s pretty close to a Big Mac. And it’s on the 50k Wednesday

menu which is so great!

Very nice burger with generous fries. I love the seasoning they put for the fries.

The vegan version of Big Mac! Really tasty of course but needless to say not

the most nutritious item on the menu. They do have other healthier options!

Originality is high as the patti is made of potatoes and isolated soy protein but

the taste was just average.

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