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Most helpful reviews

I went all the way to Bali and have been waiting to try out this

place and it was so worth it. Loved their aesthetic, acai bowls and smoothies!! Will be back for actual food :)

A steal at 50k on Wednesday. This is a really delicious açaí bowl 😋

Perfect for breakfast or snack:) They use dragon fruit in the smoothie part, which I

think taste better than simple acai smoothie. Granola is homemade and delicious (yet a little too sweet for me).

If cold breakfast is your thing, go for it... This one has an extra scoop

of peanut butter.
Every thing is fresh and tasty in this bowl.
Perfect after sports or long Beach walks.

I’m so sorry for the horrible pic! i got it by take away, so pretty

much all of the toppings have sunk. the texture was also already melted. it was good though, and the granola added a sweet crunch. but i wouldn’t say it’s better than an ordinary acai bowl.

One of my favourite places in Bali for beautiful and delicious acai bowls! So yummy

and so aesthetically pleasing hehe!

It’s not the best I’ve ever had, but I absolutely love how you can customize

the letters on your bowl!! So fun!! ◡̈

I am obsessed with this smoothie bowl, it’s kind of pricey but the taste is


Good portions and well made smoothie bowl, came back regularly during my stay.

Amazing portions and customizable letters. Would come back for more.

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