Avocado & Tofu Vegan Kraftwich

  • Is Avocado & Tofu Vegan Kraftwich vegan? Yes! Avocado & Tofu Vegan Kraftwich is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Slices of avocado with baked balsamic tofu sandwiched in multigrain bread

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Most helpful reviews

Simple and tasty, this sandwich is ideal for a quick lunch. They were out of

tofu and replaced it with more avocado. Still delicious

What stands out is the tofu. It’s a firm tofu which is partly dark in

color. Lots of other quality ingredients

Was surprised how much I liked the multigrain bread! It's also quite huge. Soft to

chew, heat it up and it's perfect both outside and inside. 🥑 Avocado portioning surprised me too. Maybe some kale would be nice apart from just lettuce. Also couldn't really taste much of the hummus but this was pretty much a sandwiched version of the salad. #crf

One of their very few vegan friendly items. It's so huge, and a whopping 529kcals.

There's a very light spread of hummus, slices of avocado and tofu, cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce and balsamic vinegar-ish dressing. The tofu slices are thick, and it just tastes like plain, pan fried hard tofu. Cutting through the sandwich was a feat, the bread is thick and everything falls apart.

I wish they were a lot more generous with their hummus, considering its price($11.60). But of course given it's location, I'm glad that the option is even there.

Fanatica de los sandwinches en todas sus formas😋 odio cuando la opcion vegana son solo

lechuga y tomate y en este lugar LE PONEN DE TODO, ademas del mismo tofu que usan para la ensalada 1000% recomendado😉

Setting a sail with this dish! Loved the generous tofu slabs this came with and

the ‘bread’ bit kept the dish light but filling!

A nice healthy sandwich with lots of nutrients. The tofu tasted quite strong. Prefer the

salad to taste the ingredients better.

Was okay. The tofu is very sour but the greens are fresh. Bread is okay.

I wish they had more options

For a quick bite this is really not bad. I don t eat bread very

often and this one tastes really good. They made it fresh and it is satisfying. If you are in the mood for a sandwich this is a nice option.

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