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Tiramisu Ice Cream

by Kind Kones


4.25 (13)

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9 December 2020
I didn’t know that they had tiramisu flavour!

Loved this and also like how light it was! #veganin2020

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4 January 2020
Felt experimental (and chaotic) for the day but oh boy this was lackluster after a

few seconds in. There's pieces of cake which is nice but that means it ain't gluten-free for those with allergens (they state clearly) Overall subtle taste more of the mylks, coffee notes not too strong which is good.

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1 May 2021
(had this on the brownie!) the tiramisu ice-cream was AMAZING - had a nice blend

of flavours and while coffee was the predominant flavour coming thru it wasnt overpowering to the extent that i wld consider it coffee ice-cream!!

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3 April 2021
Wanted to try choco+hazelnut combi but not on display.

So had tiramisu instead and i wasnt disappointed at all! Love the taste. The cone definitely has a healthy texture...

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4 August 2020
50 cents off if u BYO (this is my friend’s) so 2 big premium scoops

is $7.5 which is p reasonable imo!

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5 January 2020
Coffee flavour quite strong but not too overpowering.

Still prefer the chocolate 🍫

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9 December 2019
The sweetness of the ice cream is just right.

Smooth and creamy. There's bits of tiramisu cake crumble in the ice cream to give a texture, very satisfying. It would be better if the tiramisu taste can be stronger.

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6 October 2020
Good flavour, not too sweet.

Melt in your mouth. I could do with a bit more of the chunky bits :)

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