Tiramisu Ice Cream

by Kind Kones
4.25 (13)
  • Is Tiramisu Ice Cream vegan? Yes! Tiramisu Ice Cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

50 cents off if u BYO (this is my friend’s) so 2 big premium scoops

is $7.5 which is p reasonable imo!
This was v good and had strong coffee taste :)

The sweetness of the ice cream is just right. Smooth and creamy. There's bits of

tiramisu cake crumble in the ice cream to give a texture, very satisfying. It would be better if the tiramisu taste can be stronger.

This was a little disappointing as I thought there’d be more coffee/cake mix-ins. It just

tasted like coffee ice-cream than tiramisu. It’s way more worth it to order a double scoop for $8 than a single @ $6.9

Felt experimental (and chaotic) for the day but oh boy this was lackluster after a

few seconds in. There's pieces of cake which is nice but that means it ain't gluten-free for those with allergens (they state clearly) Overall subtle taste more of the mylks, coffee notes not too strong which is good.

(had this on the brownie!) the tiramisu ice-cream was AMAZING - had a nice blend

of flavours and while coffee was the predominant flavour coming thru it wasnt overpowering to the extent that i wld consider it coffee ice-cream!!

This tiramisu ice cream was creamy, filled with fragrant espresso flavour and had some coffee

powder sprinkled or folded in parts of the ice cream! Excellent!

It's my first time here and I regret having gone just today! The tiramisu is

spot on, and the cone is just right.

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