Passion Fruit Sorbet

by Kind Kones
4.10 (8)
  • Is Passion Fruit Sorbet vegan? Yes! Passion Fruit Sorbet is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Mejor lugar de helados ♥️ todos veganos y maravillosamente ricoooos! Este era de maracuyá y

era como estar comiendo la fruta 🤤

Scoops was smaller than other ones I’ve gotten. Still very delicious and legit passion fruit.

brother enjoyed it but found it hard to eat with bread in the cup.
Also would have rather a plate than a disposable cup
#crf #icecream #dessert

(the ice cream on the right side of the box) a nice refreshing sorbet! you

can definitely taste the passionfruit, but i wish it was a bit more tart and less sweet. #crf

Nice passion fruit sorbet, full passion fruit taste

Wanted something light so I opted for a sorbet... great passion fruit taste, overall more

sour than sweet which I really enjoyed!

Not bad!! Could feel all the seeds inside, v generous scoop, texture was v smooth.

But I wish it had been a lil bit less sweet.

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