Chocolate Sorbet

by Kind Kones
4.21 (14)
  • Is Chocolate Sorbet vegan? Yes! Chocolate Sorbet is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Back for more!!! Kind Kones has an incredible menu of flavours, but I’m determined to

taste all their Chocolate varieties. There are two main chocolate focused flavours: keto chocolate sorbet & chocolate sorbet

Apart from nutritional differences they are both similar in flavour and both insanely delicious vegan chocolate desserts 🤙

So amazed to find a new vegan ice cream place with so many flavour! Swipe

left to see photos and names of all the flavours.

I like my ice cream to be really sweet, the chocolate sorbet has a intense cacao taste, since it’s made from 100% cocoa power (this flavour is nut, soy & gluten free) but I still enjoyed it as the flavour was not overpowering.

(the ice cream at the right side of the box) my favourite dark chocolate ice

cream of ALL TIME. not very sweet (about 75% dark chocolate) and super creamy with a very rich chocolate taste. @peasfulpea and i ordered 1 scoop of this and we went back to order another one bc it was THAT GOOD. #crf

(Lower Layer) This is 100% cocoa powder. It is creamy and has a bittersweet chocolate

flavor. #crf

The richness of the chocolate is glorious but it gets cloyingly sweet as you eat

the ice cream. It was impossible for me to finish a single scoop (had to share it with my husband) but it would definitely be an amazing treat if you’re a #chocoholic 🍫🍦

I had chocolate sorbet and watermelon sorbet. Watermelon sorbet was a mistake on my end.

I shouldn't have chosen it. Chocolate will always be the best ice cream flavour. Note how completely stuffed the cup is though, there's so much watermelon. They're extremely generous with their servings. Chocolate was great, although initially it wasn't that creamy, a little bit too frozen. It's not the best chocolate sorbet I've had but 6.50 for two scoops of ice cream is very generous. Just get two scoops of chocolate sorbet and don't make the same mistake as me. The chocolate is thick and leans a bit more to the dark chocolatey end. Someday I'll come back and get two scoops of just chocolate sorbet, with a wholemeal cone because that cone is awesome too.

My go-to flavour at kind kones🤗 i am not exactly a fan of coconut milk

so i didn't really like the coconut-ty aftertaste of their other flavours hence i always choose the chocolate sorbet. Anyway i love me some fudgy, gao gao (rich) chocolate dessert😍🍫

Learning that I really don’t like dairy ice cream anymore because of the taste (and

obvs the cruelty to dairy cows too). Had this the same time as I had the Keto version and was pleasantly surprised that I liked the Keto version more! Think this would still be good for people who really like their chocolate ice cream and are looking for a version that isn’t at the expense of a sentient being!

Their regular chocolate sorbet. Would honestly never order a plain flavour when they have so

many fancy options but this was a nice one. Smooth and chocolatey, rich enough for chocolate lovers!

I'm not sure what magic they performed to make this chocolate sorbet so creamy and

just right level of sweetness to balance the cocoa. Love. The cones are crunchy and filling.

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