Almond Brittle Fudge Ice cream

by Kind Kones
4.47 (35)
  • Is Almond Brittle Fudge Ice cream vegan? Yes! Almond Brittle Fudge Ice cream is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Here’s the latest scoop on how to double your happiness (and kindness): grab a Kind

Kone after you’re done with a Kind Bowl and just feel the happy zones of your brain light up 👯🍜🍦✨ this flavor was pure toffee-like buttery bliss with the candied almond brittle. It tasted almost like honeycomb but without any nasty bug puke 🐝💛 fudge yeah there is such a thing as guilt-free ice cream as long as you’re #veganin2020

day 19
81 #daystreak

My fav flavour from kind kones! Rich yet not too heavy and the charcoal cone

was an interesting pairing. But I’ll stick to the wholemeal cone next time 😆 also the server was so sweet! She gave me some salted choc chip on the top cuz I wanted to try some. We stan nice people!

#veganisnotscary #9090challenge #veganicecream

Seriously the best nice cream🍦 in all of 🇸🇬😍💪🏽 the combination of almonds and fudge

is one of my favorite all time flavors!

It takes no effort to convince @mrsgarg to walk over for some of this stuff. Unlike most vegan ice creams this stuff doesn’t taste like coconuts and it’s super creamy and frosty ☃️

ps the bottom scoop is pistachio which I’ve gotta say I probably would love by itself but it’s not even close to as good as the almond brittle.

#kindkones #veganicecream #nicecream #bestof #sgtop50

Circuit Breaker essentials: vegan ice-cream of course! I bought this from #everydayvegan and rationed in

week to week. Brittle in this is perfect, does become a bit runny but it's all natural so I can't complain with how good it tastes 💕 Top it off with a vegan butter cookie and it's perfect. Great especially for those days where hormones kick in and you cry for no reason!!! 🤪

Whilst Ivan was busy playing I sneaked out for a vegan ice cream at Kind

I had the almond brittle fudge in a charcoal (don’t ask) cone. It was yummy!! Will be back!! #jaan

This stuff is dope!! And best of all, it's fully plant-based!! 😍 The almond brittle

really has alot of almond bits, and the caramel completes it well. The cone was also yummy but do note you have to pay an extra $1 for it! They have so many other delicious flavours and what that means is...I will be back!! #crf

This is one of my favourite ice creams! I also really like that they have

actual almonds in the ice cream! Make this global!😊 #veganisnotscary

(Upper Layer) Wow! The flavor is fantastic! Perfect sweetness, and the chocolates and almonds added

a nice crunch. This is just so enjoyable to eat. #abillionlove

It was really heavenly. If they can make these yum vegan treats as cheap as

this, so can all other nonvegan establishments! #veganworld

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