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Açai Juju Bowl

by JuJu


4.54 (16)

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11 August 2019
Changed upon this when I was at the Botanic Gardens y’day. They are at the

visitor kiosk near the mrt entrance!
Crunchy granola, Chia seeds, peanut sauce and açai ice cream - enjoyed while viewing the gardens. Life can’t get better than that! #crf

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Easily one of the best acai bowls i have had. It comes with banana, frozen

blueberries, granola and chia seed pudding at the bottom, then slathered in a generous amount of peanut butter. I went with the large bowl though i wish i had more! Juju is located conveniently near the entrance of Botanical Gardens so you do not have to take a long hike. All their acai bowls are vegan.

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This felt way more worth the money.
It was huge and stood tall. Cane with granola,

frozen blueberries, bananas, chia seed pudding and PD at the top.
Was a big serve and felt pretty filling!
#smoothie #acai

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Throwback to pre-quarantine days🥺 The most beautiful looking açai I’ve ever had but unfortunately I

didn’t really like this one. The açai is average and there were lots of bitter bits (I think cacao nibs) that made everything quite bitter when you got to the bottom.
I’d still love to try their other flavours next time though. Hibi didn’t like it either, he had 1 lick and then refused to have anymore 😂 #dogsofabv

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Vegan Acai Smoothie Bowl, Regular [$8.50]. With banana slices, frozen blueberries and coconut sago, covered

with chocolate sauce. The sour tangy acai complemented the sweet chocolate sauce nicely :) It was quite pricey for a small portion though, and I probably wouldn't buy it again coz I can't afford it 😂 But still, it's nice to see a vegan dessert shop in the middle of the Singapore Botanic Gardens!

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Refreshing bowl of açai, $8.50 for a regular bowl which comes with fruits, chia pudding,

cacao nibs, dried cranberries and a drizzle (pb for mine) Açai was pretty good, not too sweet, and esp loved cacao nibs

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Yet another dessert post, starting to see a trend here 👀 Anyway, I had to

do this amazing bowl (or should I say, pot) some justice! It came with an extremely generous serving of peanut butter (10/10), chia seeds, berries and nuts. Always a delight to come here after classes at NUS Law, which is very conveniently located close by 😍

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What a nice way to end a nature walk along Singapore Botanic Gardens! The Acai

sorbet is smooth and slightly tart. It is served with a bunch of toppings such as banana, chia seed pudding, dried berries, and granola which added a great texture. Totally enjoyed this 😋

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one of the most affordable acai bowls in the market! it came with unique toppings

- chia pudding, cacao nibs, dried apricots and buckinis. it also had a great texture, smooth but not too icy! overall a really refreshing treat to enjoy at botanic gardens!

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