Truffle Soup

by Joie
4.26 (10)
  • Is Truffle Soup vegan? Yes! Truffle Soup is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Classic. Nice truffle taste, very tasty especially since the other items we ordered weren’t “hot”


Loved this soup. The truffle was extremely fragrant and opened the tastebuds to the herbs

and shrooms in the soup.

If you’re a big truffle person this is excellent. If I’m honest it was a

bit overpowering being slathered in more truffle oil to finish, but still an extremely nice tasty soup, perfect portion in a tasting course

This truffle soup was so rich and flavourful I would have wanted seconds! The mushroom

bits were a bit too big for my liking though.

This was a better soup to have ordered. I think to be safe if you

are vegan please do let them know. I am not so did not say anything.

Lots of truffle options for truffle lovers here! This was not bad

What a tasty combination of truffles and mushrooms…love it!

Really rich and layered flavors from the shrooms. Glad that the truffle taste is just

the right amount, without it being too strong and one dimensional.

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