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  • Vegetarian Green Curry

Vegetarian Green Curry

by Jai Thai


4.85 (4)

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20 October 2022
It’s been tough finding decent vegan thai food tht’s actually delicious.

Gosh im so glad i came here. I’ve tried vegetarian green curry in other places and it just tasted sad or rather half done.

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14 February 2021
We ordered many dishes like pineapple rice, olive rice, tofu and cashew, morning glory besides

green curry.. Family favourite

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16 November 2019
Not even kidding, I wiped this bowl clean.

Regretted just getting a small.

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14 November 2022

It is definitely worth the money! They have a lot of vegan options and also dessert. Loved it and would come back!

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20 July 2021
Any friends I bring here loves the food.

Best Thai place with a veg menu here.. Not sure about sanook and eesarn yet

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