Crunch Wrap

by J. Selby's
4.76 (17)
  • Is Crunch Wrap vegan? Yes! Crunch Wrap is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The J Selbys crunch wrap now has beyond crumbles. Very tasty. Love the crispy tortilla

outside and it’s stuffed with lots of vegan goodness! The fries are crispy and delicious. #veganisnotscary

Who can say no to black bean pico, guac, soy chorizo, cheeze sauce, cabbage, lettuce

and Chipotle sauce in a crispy tostada? Not I!

This was a fun, fresh, and tasty meal! However, given the cost ($16 with guac

and sour cream), I would most likely opt for Taco Bell if I’m craving an item like this in the future. #roosterredemption

The Crunch Wrap is so yummy! I would have liked a little less of the

pickled onion and a little more beans, but still really a great pick! #roosterredemption

Wow! This is a generous helping of sandwich! Filled with chips and vegetables in a

perfect taco sauce. Try it!!

My favorite parts were the soy chorizo, cheeze sauce, and chipotle sauce! Also, tots! And


Delicious! Just like Taco Bell's, only way better! Got it with chips and salsa.

As a former Taco Bell enthusiast, this crunchwrap was a dream come true. Savory and

cheesy! Those tots are something special too.

Super tasty! All of the flavors and textures are great and one wrap can

easily feed two people. J. Selby’s never disappoints!

I love J Selby's version of a crunchwrap. There's so much flavor packed into that


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