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Most helpful reviews

This dish was incredible. Each flavour individually distinguishable! Ginger, mint, lemon, sesame seeds, vegetable

& white mustard pickle, fresh red onion, turmeric, garlic! Amazing! #veganuary

Really lovely flavorful meal. Very healthy as well! Fresh ingredients. The little rice balls were

a nice twist. Portion was a bit small but really really nice! Defos worth a visit! I am excited to try everything on the menu! The owner is really lovely. She does cooking causes as well! 😻🌟😻 #vegancurry

Indikaap has managed to take this Indian classic and place a healthy, Ayurvedic twist on

what is considered the quintessential childhood favourite. Layers of flavour are unveiled with each progressive bite, packed with nutrition so that a little goes a long way! Good value for money.

Such a flavourful and hearty meal from an amazing chef. Definitely food for the soul.

Highly recommend visiting INDIKAAP at Maker’s Landing at the V&A!

Packed with flavour, and good for your health, this dish hit the sweet spot. I

love kitchari, and the ball form was a nice touch.

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