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  • Plant based 'chicken' Gyoza
  • Plant based 'chicken' Gyoza

Plant based 'chicken' Gyoza

by IKEA Restaurant


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7 November 2022
I love dumplings/ gyoza and these were brilliant!
Nice and crispy on the outside. Inside

was a mock filling. It would have been nice if there is more texture or variety in the filling. Couldn't really tell the difference between the filling and the crust much. But I could taste it:)

Not too pricey too. If I remember correctly, its $3.90 for 5 pieces.

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I am really happy to see IKEA expanding its plant based menu during the Vegetarian


Our family was happy to taste these Gyoza. All like it, except for me 🤣

I just felt it was stuffed with “ vegan fish paste” The filling was too little. The skin is too tough and lacks the crunchiness.

I like Gyoza 🥟 served hot. But, they were served lukewarm, which is understandable given the restaurant style. They had been out for some time. Unless you happened to be right there when they just came out of the oven or fryer.

Overall, I wouldn’t buy this again.

#veganisnotscary they are mostly nice to eat!

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Another one I tried out of sheer curiosity.
I've been so used to having just vege/tofu/mushrooms

for gyoza or dumplings, that this 'meat' thing felt a bit weird n too 'meaty' n no crunch no character at all.
It's d same filling paste frm the nuggets i had wth d nasi lemak.

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