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  • plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetables
  • plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetables

plant balls with mashed potato and mixed vegetables

by IKEA Restaurant


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30 October 2022
#veganisnotscary you can really be happy with the options at IKEA.

Though this dish is

served with mashed potatoes, and marketed as plant-based. It is not. The mashed potatoes is not vegan. We confirmed with the staff that this dish is vegan before ordering.

The staff replaced the mashed potatoes with extra steamed broccoli 🥦, carrots and cauliflower! It is so kind of her!

The plant balls are made with a new recipe. The texture is smoother and softer too.

The gravy tastes good and goes well with the plant balls.

The sweet jam is welcoming and sweet. A unique way to eat the plant balls and I like it!

It costs $6.90 for 8 balls. There are various options if you want a bigger serving. We selected the 12 plant balls option.

I always love the ambience of IKEA. The lights are soft and the Temperature is cool.

There are so many unique combinations of tables and chairs for every needs- families, couples, friends, or spending time with oneself. I love the high barstools! It makes dining so much fun!

I simply love IKEA!


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This was like heaven on earth! My very first bite, and all the flavors popped!

I felt like I could have ate plates!

I asked the chef and he said the mashed potatoes isn't vegan, even if the ones in the frozen packs at thier swedish food market is vegan with no dairy in the ingredients.

So i requested, and they gave extra mixed vegetables:) they said the sauce was vegan.

The sauce was delicious. Nice and thick but watery to go all over the balls 😍 it tasted almost not vegan! Like cream sauce and Ikea's non vegan mushroom soup. ( I do hope the sauce is vegan...)

The mixed veggies had this pretty strong frozen taste, but texture was ok.

The balls had a great texture. Nice and chewy but so soft and moist! It almost had this gelatinous feel. Perfectly seasoned. Not too salty, or Herby etc. Just right. Slightly sweet and with the sauce, buttery.

Not to be confused with thier veggie balls, which have a rougher more fiberous texture with visible pieces of chickpeas, carrots, pepper, corn and kale.

While thier plant balls are made to recreate the texture and appearance of non vegan meat ( doesn't taste anything like it that's too strong. Just delicious) and made from pea protein, oats, apples and potato's.

Trust me, it doesn't taste like any of those

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Overall, this dish is pretty good. The plant balls have a really nice taste, and

the sauce tastes a lot like their mushroom soup (hehe)!
The jam is okay, but pretty sweet for me. The mashed potato tastes great too, but the vegetables are 🥴🥴🥴. I mean, if you dip it in the sauce it's not so bad, but it's still FROZEN veg... 😬😬😬

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