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Plant balls

by IKEA Restaurant


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10 June 2021
These plant balls are the bomb! My friend & I devoured 45 balls with a

plate of pasta. Will purchase to have them at home the next time I'm back at IKEA. I think they taste better than the vegetable balls <: Not sure if the mashed potatoes are vegan, but I didn't eat it anyway. Opt for the sauce to be removed too! Still tastes great with the ligonberry jam.

//10 June 2021

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Interesting how they served this with coconut cream sauce whc is quite spicy. Tasted very

much like the malay dish 'lemak cili padi'.
And funny how i was actually craving for this plant balls.
I wanted to try their plant based schnitzel but apparently tht was seasonal n they didnt have it then.

Ok lah, comforting, sort of like fast food. I can't believe i was actually craving for plant balls from a furniture place. 😒


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I think there's onions involved, soft & pliable. Have the mash scooped out and err..

dump it on the omnivore's plate (if any). Nothing vegan to replace carbs.. dish left me hangry 😕🙅


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Did you even go to IKEA if you didn’t eat meatballs? Me and @jashment had

to sample their new plant balls and they were pretty good. Not quite as good as my homemade vegan meatballs I must say but (for mass produced ones) pretty decent.

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Got these when we went to pick up stuff at IKEA. Nothing to shout about

tbh. Not something I’d crave or buy again unless I was at IKEA for a meal

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