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Matcha Hojicha Latte

by Hvala Keong Saik


4.40 (12)

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5 February 2021
They used oat milk by default.

It doesn't have a sharp bitter taste like the other matcha drinks I've tried. It has a nice, and well-balanced flavor! #abillionlove

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20 October 2020
Hvala's drinks and many other items on the menu are dairy-free and uses oat

milk by default. I like my drinks hot than cold (unless it's a hot day), so I got the hot version of this. This was really...

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12 October 2020
Wow the trio of matcha, oat milk and hojicha syrup works wonders!

Mildly sweet, super refreshing and not bitter at all. Thank you @consciouscookieee for deciding on this one!!

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15 January 2021
Matcha Hojicha Latte: The perfect bitterness of the matcha gently balanced the less intense hojicha.

The sweetness was optimal and the drink was perfectly creamy with the default milk being oat milk (how times have changed am i right?) I personally preferred both hot and iced equally and they tasted amazing in their own ways.

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16 December 2021
Enjoyed every sip of the drink - rich and strong matcha flavour.

Topped up to change to Oatly. $6.80++

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17 April 2021
Both matcha and hojicha taste can be distinguished but both blend well together.

Nice combination and an interesting beverage. The beverage are generally not as sweet as their desserts.

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8 December 2020
This is also so delicious.

Do not be a dumbass like me and attempt to use the chopstick as a straw lmao. The only acceptable intensity of matcha should be pictured here. Paired with lovely Oatly barista, this drink is a...

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