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The texture of the brownie is impressive (not-so dense and not-so fluffy). Eating this with

a matcha ice cream provides a well-balance flavor. #abillionlove

Matcha cookies and cream gelato with fudgy brownie!! HEAVEN 😍😍 I absolutely love cookies and

cream so having the vegan version of it really thrilled me hehe

This brownie was made for the gods! It is rich and indulgent with a perfectly

fudgy texture that will leave you wanting for more. It comes with an option of oatmilk or matcha ice cream, a thin wafer and drizzled with caramel sauce. I thought the oatmilk ice cream complimented the brownie perfectly but the matcha ice cream will probably be a better choice for those who like a bit of bitterness with the sweet dessert. It tends to get a little much, especially if you’re having this after dinner, so I’d suggest sharing it with a good Friend or Partner 💕


MOIST!!!! This brownie, although expensive, is unbelievably delicious 😋😋 the best I ever had in

Sg 🤩 you can choose the type of ice cream that comes with it so I chose the Matcha cookies & cream and you know that's a stellar combo 💯

Fudgy brownie lives up to its name of being really rich and fudgy. The first

few bites are enjoyable before the cloying sweetness hits and gelat-ness sets in (pun not intended). Best shared.

We upgraded the default Matcha level 1 gelato to level 2 (+$1) for a more intense matcha flavour. This was the best gelato amongst others tried (goma, hojicha). The rest were too sweet.

They use Oatly oat milk as dairy replacement. While not a fan of it as it contains canola (rapeseed oil), at least it's a step in the right direction to plant based.

This was not cheap, at 12.80 for a brownie with one scoop of ice cream.

Topped up $1 to change the ice cream flavour to matcha no 2, and though the ice cream was nice I couldn’t quite tell the diff between this and matcha no 1 (which was the default ice cream flavour with no top-up required and which I tried on a previous occasion). I found the brownie okay only - thought it was a bit too sweet and had a bit of a strange flavour. Texture wise it was soft and fudgy, not chewy.

got to give it to hvala for starting a new chain that supports vegan options!!

😍 love how the default option is oat milk and you have to request for dairy. the brownie was a little sticky but i really loved the rich tea flavors of the ice cream. will be back to try the waffles which ran out earlier 😢

Nice and light and not overly sweet. The brownie is so nice and gooey and

the matcha ice cream is excellent 😍

Excellent fudgy soft brownies, with customisable ice cream scoop. Delicious and comforting.

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