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Mushroom Quiche

by Hvala CHIJMES
4.20 (4)

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Hvala CHIJMES50 dishes · 120 reviews

30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996

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Most helpful reviews

it's been SO LONG since I had a quiche and this photo does not do

this justice but this was SUCH a creamy and lovely quiche my non vegan friend was amazed as well. the crust has a surprisingly buttery aroma and is crispy with a creamy mushroom inside 😋


Very flavourful & not too salty! Stuffed with potato mash, spinach & other shepherd-pie-like fillings

& seasoning. Appreciated how the phyllo sheet tart crust was somewhat crunchy too! $7.80++ ^^ #veganisnotscary

I can’t really call this a quiche the creaminess of this probably comes from potatoes,

and the shell is like the tart base for their Mont Blanc desserts. Unlike what the claim of a buttery decadent shell it is dry, stale like it’s left for awhile in the fridge (in fact it is) I do however like the medley of mushrooms in it and its flavour.

Very tasty and creamy, you can really taste the mushrooms inside

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