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Matcha Mont Blanc

by Hvala CHIJMES
4.13 (3)

About the restaurant

Hvala CHIJMES50 dishes · 120 reviews

30 Victoria St, Singapore 187996

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Most helpful reviews

This was delicious. Very light cream with a strong matcha taste that is great for

those who don’t have a sweet tooth. 👍🏻

The matcha flavor was really strong and rich, with the smooth cream inside. Was surprised

by how rich the matcha flavor is. Thankfully, it's not overly sweet as the bitterness and fragrance of the matcha help brings a nice balance to the sweetness.

We expected to see the Matcha layer you see on the surface even inside but

surprise! Inside was filled with bland white whipped cream which was just sweet. I would describe the experience of this cream inside as "empty calories" or "guilty pleasure without pleasure" 🤪
Since the Matcha part is so good, I wish they used more inside! I would not recommend this sweet.

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