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Finally made it to Hudsons and so worth the wait. One of the best burgers

I've had. Pattie had a great texture and taste, the mustard mayo was delicious as was the vegan mozzarella and pickles. And the skin on fries was good too. Will be returning soon 😃 #veganisnotscary #veganburger

One of my favourite burgers from hudsons. Loved every bite.

Hybrid double stack beef-style patty topped

with vegan mozzarella, mustard mayo, smokey bbq sauce, shredded lettuce, onion, tomato & home-made pickles

The Infinity burger tastes very much like a beyond burger. It has 2 patties,

3 layers of roll, gerkins, onion rings, mustard mayo and salad.
The fries are extra.
I'd definitely order this again as I really enjoyed it.
4/90 challenge

I tried the new infinity burger from Hudson’s as they had an incredible deal of

burger and fries for only R99. The burger tasted incredible, but unfortunately left me with a severe and upset stomach for the rest of the evening 😔⁣

Maybe it was a strange coincidence? Maybe it was the burger? But it’s really difficult to figure it out when after numerous messages the restaurant hasn’t contacted you back in over 2 weeks. ⁣

I would have loved to have been given the full ingredients list to pinpoint what my stomach is allergic too and then ordered a different burger to post a positive review, but it appears that instead I’ve stumbled across my first vegan disappointment in Cape Town. ⁣

The burger was really tasty, with their own take on a beyond beef patty. The

portion was huge and it was great for an indulgent, novelty meal at R99 for burger and chips.

This burger is EPIC! Double patty with mozzarella, tomato, onion, lettuce. Very filling! Great value.

The only thing I could mark this down on wa s nutrition as it comes

with chips, but I am not really complaining. A massive portion, super value for money, so good that the half I was keeping for lunch was gobbled up by a meat-eating family member in minutes. Winner!

Hudson’s Burgers has just launched THE INFINITY BURGER and it is EPIC!

BURGER and FRIES for only R99 (insanely good deal!)
- the offer is only available through direct order from Hudsons

Only R99 for ALL this! Friday burger nights - SORTED!

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