Red Bean Tau Sar Piah

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Red Bean is a traditional asian food often used in pastry & dessert. I like

it when the taste of the bean comes through without too much sugar. House of Tau Sar Piah does this Red Bean Tay Sar Piah perfectly. Ithe pastry is light & fluffy and the filling just complements with the original aroma and taste of red beans.

Here is how red bean paste is made & all the wonderful health benefits of eating red beans. So we can indulge without any guilty pleasure!

I modified the info from wikipedia & Supermarket Guru: Red bean paste or red bean jam, also called adzuki bean paste or anko, is a paste made of red beans, used in East Asian cuisine. The paste is prepared by boiling the beans, then mashing or grinding them. 

Macrobiotics considers red beans to be the most "yang," or warming, of all beans, and consequently, good for imparting strength. Known for their healing properties in Traditional Chinese Medicine, red beans are said to support kidney, bladder and reproductive function.

The fiber in red beans helps fill you up, which prevents overeating and therefore getting too many calories - reducing your risk of gaining weight. Fiber rich foods also help support blood sugar levels and reduce LDL levels in the body. 

In addition to being packed with protein and fiber, adzuki beans are a good source of iron, which helps transport oxygen in the body, magnesium, which helps with energy production and relaxation, potassium, great for our heart, zinc which is great for the immune system and B vitamins which are essential to the nervous system.

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Can't go wrong with red bean! It's probably on the sweeter side, probably could explore

reducing it by 10%. But it goes really well with... hot plain tea or coffee. #veganin2020

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