Oat Milk Bobo

4.50 (8)
  • Is Oat Milk Bobo vegan? Yes! Oat Milk Bobo is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

So psyched for heytea’a launch of this oatly boba milk tea! Love everything about this

beverage from the bubble tea to the fragrant milk, I got 50% sugar and less ice. Only gripe is it’s price, I brought my own cup but still cost $6.40 after $0.5 discount. Definitely recommend to try it at least once!

Soo good! Love the chewy oats and the pearls even more! The pearls are sooo

soft with the distinct taste of brown sugar! Can’t stop thinking about it now

Heytea singapore had just launch the oat milk bobo. They used oatly milk for this

oatmilk bobo. Now vegans and those that are lactose intorence can enjoy plant based bubblemilk tea at heytea

overall enjoyable drink and the pearls were really bouncy and chewy which was a pleasant

surprise because I'd never tried their pearls before. the sugar level can be adjusted so I got it with less sugar and you get 50cents off with your own tumbler :) comes with oat bits which resemble barley which provide a nice texture. my mum (who isn't vegan and tends to be unfortunately suspicious towards plant based substitutes) said the beverage was nice before I told her it was vegan :D

Oatly Barista Edition in this cuppa boba goodness. Just a pity this version omits tea.

Why? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Love the boba love the chewy oats bits/chunks love Oatly.

Simply had to make it even better by adding my fav Koi Oolong Tea to the almost perfect boba yums.

Hey Tea beats the competition in terms of taste, presentation, quality, and overall branding. Not

surprised they take the cake on innovation too, by offering non-dairy milk options. This tasted great, although I wasn't a huge fan of the pieces of oat/barley in the milk (although this was probably the only healthy thing about this drinks lol).

They used Oatly on this drink which tasted so creamy! I love the cooked oat

granules at the bottom of this drink (texture is a bit similar to barley). And 0.50 SGD discount when you bring your own cup.

This drink is absolutely delicious! i would 100% recommend, i don’t know how they did

it but it is so very creamy. SO GOOD!

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