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Most helpful reviews

A great mock meat dish, tastes grilled and very moist. The seasoning is on point

and it’s a great side dish to share. #jaan

The 'meat' was very convincing, and very flavourful. Could have done with 2 more servings.


After sampling their Teriyaki fish, I felt assured their charr game was strong 😜 Sure

enough, they really nailed the carcinogens on this #yakitori #chicken 😛

This was so convincing. I’m certain this would fool an omnivore 🤓 I don’t know if they were using hericium mushroom or some protein-based #mockmeat but it was brilliantly bouncy but still juicy enough 🤤 They had me some sweet. They had me some salty. Then, came a whole lot of #charr 😗 if you’re into that. With my foochow upbringing, this was most certainly a fit for me 🤪

Since this came at $7 and was close to the serving portion of the fish 👉, I can’t fathom this huge price difference 😳

Herbivore’s just killing it in their #nondairy AKA #veganoptions so why not go full vegan? #veganisnotscary

No wonder it took me so damn long to review this 🫢 Looking at it

is making me so damn hungry! Happy #throwbackthursday by the way 😗 S$7 for two #veganskewers of #veganchicken? Sign me tf up!! 🙌 It too was a nice level of char, and just the right #umami with all that sesame 😋 Hard not to recommend!

it was my first time trying herbivore & this yakitori chicken was one of my

favs! 🤤 the flavour was a great balance of smoky, sweet, savoury. texture was also pretty legit! was also a hit among my non-veg friends so it’s a win-win. #veganisnotscary

Tasty yakitori. It is among the cheaper dishes in this place for 6 SGD. Portion

is slightly less but quite flavourful. I found it chewy but non-vegan friends found is pretty close to the original and quite good.

Basically a Japanese version of a satay. The yakitori was grilled, leaving the perfect smokey

taste. It was coated with a sweet-savory sauce which kinda tasted like teriyaki to me. Only downside to this dish is that it doesn’t come with a bigger serving portion for the price.

Personally i think it was a little on the expensive side for only two sticks,

but I enjoyed it! It was a little crispy and they got the yakitori sauce spot on!

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