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This tasted almost exactly like salmon sashimi 🍣!!! They’ve even got that aftertaste of fish

down that’s present in salmon. If you miss salmon sashimi, I highly recommend this. Especially if you are craving fish flavors.

The only thing not right is the texture but honestly / I think this was the best that could’ve been done for it to be vegan. It had a jelly yet chewy texture. But it was so good.

100/10 - the best vegan dish I had in my life. #vegansalmon #vegansushi

Vegan salmon astounds me till this day. Great stuff to fool your carnist friends and

family. Bazinga

This is pretty impressive, not gonna lie 😄 It tastes close enough to #salmon, though

there’s a putridness I think only tonnes of antibiotics in an enclosed space can achieve that I don’t think #vegansalmon ever will 🤷‍♀️ Sorry, just stating the facts vegans 😤 The texture is off, but it’s a genuine try. I think in #veganfish it’s often the “cooked” texture that #fakemeat has found a way to resemble, but raw less-flaky types like this have a ways to go 😇 I’d get it for the novelty honestly plus who doesn’t need yet another excuse to dip something flavourless in soy sauce and copious amounts of #wasabi literally decreed illegal at the Geneva conference anyways 😗

VEGAN #sashimi ?!?! #herbivore finally made this dish (once with dairy) fully vegan!! Presentation-wise, it

looked so much like #salmon. Taste-wise, not so much (not surprising haha) — it was almost like a spongy texture. I don’t know if I’d get it there again just because they have so many other awesome dishes, but was cool to try it!

Like in my previous review, I preferred the tuna sashimi. I could taste the sweetness

from the carrot for this and the texture again was not bad.
Personally I will stick to the makis going forward!

#veganisnotscary #sushi #singapore

The “Salmon Sashimi” is indistinguishable from real Salmon texture wise, but the carrot flavour comes

through rather strongly. Still, I’d order it again, it scratches the right itch!

#veganisnotscary #vegansashimi #singapore

#EveryEffortCount 1 Oct #247/365 #1500
The orange one is Salmon Sashimi!! It look really

alike to real fish but totally tasted different! Wont order again!

(This photo shows both the salmon and tuna sashimi, the salmon is the orange one).

Appearances-wise it quite looks like salmon, but the taste is really not there. It doesn’t taste fatty or fishy, it’s more like a jelly, and AFAIK it’s also not very nutritious. Wouldn’t recommend honestly.

Interesting ! Look so real but it’s konyaku ingredient,

Pretty impressive in terms of both presentation and taste — texture was a bit too

jelly-like for me. Overall an impressive feat but not exactly the most appetizing in my opinion!

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