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Best vegan mayo I’ve ever had. Also the salmon inside is very soft. It’s like

eating raw salmon. #jaan

30% off - more information in the second photo🚨🇸🇬
(Non diary)Hoy volví a pedir sushi (hay

que aprovechar el 30% de dcto 🙈) y agregué esta opción 🙌 delicioso como todo en este restaurante ! Simple pero buenisimooo! 🍣 #vegansushi

Exactly how I remember it's non-vegan counterpart. Generous portions, and fresh ingredients. #jaan

Visited herbivore a few months back and was so pleasantly surprised by the collection of

vegetarian and vegan Japanese food that they offered! We tried many dishes but the California Maki rolls were really delicious. They also served the pickled ginger on the side which i absolutely LOVED! However, one con is that the food here is really pricy.

My new favourite roll from herbivore! Never ordered this one before but wow was delicious!

Cucumber, avocado and mock sashimi in a roll. Definitely will get this again next time, might even get 2 rolls…

Simple y muy rico, pepino, palta y falso camarón !!
Me encanta el sabor del


Great tasting as well, very close to the real thing, so we f you

want to have a taste a vegetarian sushi, this will be a good choice.

Not the best pick out of all the rolls they offer, bland and too thick

for my liking. Be aware of the dairy dishes they have, it doesn't hurt to always remind the waiter!

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