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by Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill


3.84 (16)

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2 March 2021
Love their fries.

Nice and crisp. Seasoned well and not too salty. Huge portion size!

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5 March 2020
Arrived hot and crispy.

Also came with two tubs of vegan mayo and vegan bbq sauce! All their sauces are vegan!

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15 November 2019
So chonk, so thiccccccc.

This is how fries should always be 👌

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14 February 2021
i love fat chunky fries and hans im gluck has some of the best

in the country. i’m disappointed that the delivery doesnt come with some sauces because the ones they have in the restaurant are the bomb.

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12 January 2021
Some of the best thick-cut fries I’ve had.

No frills, just really good potatoes fried to perfection and not overly seasoned yet not bland. Sometimes that’s all you need 🙃


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22 February 2020
I like fries 🍟 but this felt a bit too heavy with the burger.

Also cos I added too much white sauce. I thought it’ll be special cos it’s their signature fries but it was just fries 🍟 will probably get something green next time if I’m getting a side to balance out the meal. Great meal with #vegbuddies @ianfx8888 @lkmetta Lovely restaurant setting too 🌳

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8 February 2021
meh fries tbh, but maybe also because I’m not a big fan

of thick cut fries. kinda just taste like your average fries, but weren’t super crispy on the outside. insides were soft...

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2 July 2022
Too huge for a portion of thick cut fries.

Fresh, crispy and not too salty. Best part is that all their sauces / mayonnaise are vegan.

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15 January 2021
Their thick cut fries are so, so good!

Crispy skin on the outside, soft crumbly potato on the inside. Slightly salted and just the right surface area of oil, salt and crispiness!

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23 January 2019
Just fries but they were good!

Chunky and crunchy. Plus, there are many sauces available on the table to eat them with :)

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