Sweet Potato Fries

  • Is Sweet Potato Fries vegan? Yes! Sweet Potato Fries is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

I loved the sweet potato fries! Generous serving as part of the lunch set. (Side

note: I also tried the Seelenheil burger which was vegetarian, not vegan.)

Have to say that the lunch set (+$5 for a cold drink, hot drink and side) was really worth it - we could hardly finish the meal, unfortunately!

Dear Vegans & Supporters,
We ordered 2 of this & was shocked by the overly generous

portion. Didn’t even manage to finish one of them. It wasn’t crispy enough but I don’t blame them, restaurant was fully packed! Definitely recommend ordering their dippers too, it’s awesome!

#crf #crfsg


Nice sweet potato fries for a change. Still prefer potato fries though as they're just

salty, these are sweet and salty. These go very well with the Hans Im Glück white sauce which is vegan yay! This was part of a $5 set meal add on which consisted a hot drink, a cold drink, and a side. The set is good for sharing so you don't overeat. #veganin2020

🍟 Best golden sweet potato fries ever with just a hint of salt for the

natural sweetness to come through :’) Love the thin crunchy layer of batter on the outside and how it isn’t oily to the touch! $8.56 for the stated ‘small’ but in reality pretty large portion ☀️ #veganuary

I’m normally not much of a fan of sweet potato fries but these were really

well done! I could not stop eating. They also give you four sauces (chili, ketchup, mayo, orange (mustard?)) which are all vegan. The sauce taste different from regular ones and add a lot of flavor. Not bad :)

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