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Juglans Burger

by Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill


4.20 (5)

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4 August 2019
I can’t believe its taken me this long to try the burgers here.

I absolutely loved this, the sweetness of the lingonberries was just nice and balanced out the rest of the burger. Definitely my new favourite burger spot in town!

(Fries come separately)

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15 March 2019
In my opinion, this is probably their best vegan burger.

The wheat burger patty is so juicy and succulent. I also love the addition of walnuts. It makes eating it more enjoyable as it provides a good...

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22 May 2019
Wheat patty with sprouts, walnuts and lingonberries on top and the standard lettuce, onion and

tomato below, on a sourdough bun. The bun was a bit too big and I struggled to get a decent photo, but the burger was good! Wasn’t initially sure about ordering this, but I actually really liked the tartness of the lingonberries in a burger.

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20 January 2020
A lot of Vegan option 😍 ingredients are fresh.

A bit pricey otherwise all 👌🏼

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