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by Hans Im Glück German Burgergrill | Singapore VIVO CITY


4.55 (17)

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3 December 2020
This was 🤯.. best burger I've had!

The grilled onions, the patty, the cheese...it was all ❤❤❤❤ #burger #veganin2020

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1 October 2020
Absolutely delightful!

Although the spicy patty wasn't spicy..not complaining..this is definitely one of the best places to have burgers in sg! Appreciate that they have options that are plant based. #burgers #hansimgluck #veganisnotscary

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3 January 2021
This burger wasn’t spicy at all but was quite flavorful!

Quite delicious and worth it for its price point when you get the burger set, as opposed to getting it individually.

Feat. @mariaubergine 💙

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19 April 2020
Swipe right to see that x-section of the burger!

I always feel good about having the burgers here because they’re not only really good but the burgers feel healthy with all the veggies loaded in without compromising on taste. Another great burger from them, personally didn’t find this burger THAT spicy but still had a great patty!

Prepare yourself to be FULL by the burgers here.

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4 October 2019
This is one of their 4 new vegan burgers they just recently launched.

I am glad that this is such an improvement. The addition of vegan cheese made the experience more enjoyable. I can't wait to try their other vegan burgers.

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9 June 2021
Burger was super tasty!

Enjoyed my dinner a lot~ everything was made for vegan. Happy about it! :)

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7 December 2019
Meet an omni friend for lunch in Vivo so Hans Im Glück was a

good shout from @helmos via @sazzie. Have made it my mission to try all the different vegan burgers here. Loved the patty and the vegan cheese they used...

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11 September 2020
I tried, but my photo taking skills does not do justice to the burger.

Either i was too hungry or this was the best vegan burger i've had. It was crunchy just nice portion although the fries was a bit too much. It was pricey, but worth it!

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1 July 2022
Really filling and delicious burger from their vegan burger set menu, with the pretzel bun.

Their whole vegan burger lineup is totally amazing.

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28 January 2022
Not pro in writing reviews but have to say this burger was just decent enough

spicy. The patty was good, and the bun too.

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