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Smashing vegan #burger with a great view across to Sentosa 🤩 What a shame that

this place seems to have shut all its other branches, and even this one was strangely quiet at Saturday lunchtime. @dafnelately has suggested that their meat burgers must be terrible, in which case they should rebrand and focus entirely on the #fakemeat range 😅

It's been ages since a restaurant last offered me the choice of a #pretzelbun, which I appreciate generally. But the outstanding bit was the #cauliflower patty, where you tasted both the legume and the grease 😋 The #mushrooms were good, and the #curry sauce was reminiscent of the kind you find in northern Europe 😬 More sweet than spicy.

This didn't look like too big a serving, but it was frighteningly filling! 😀 The set included a side of carbs and a choice of beverage (options included boozy ones 😛), and this may have contributed too 😏

Saw this dish on the feed by @hownowbrownkow and decided to try!
It was really good

and I liked a little spicyness to the patty. The pretzel bun was really interesting as well!
I like how they offer a burger, a side, and 2 drinks as a set meal.
Would recommend!

I ordered a set with bunless Senner + sauerkraut + ginger mango lemonade + black


The patty was not bad, definitely healthier than overly processed meat alternatives which now I try to avoid as my body is not a fan of processed foods. I liked the combo of cauliflower and chickpea and curry, but I really didn’t like the amount of onions they put in my burger 🤢 The tomato was also very tasteless, mushrooms were good but too little amount, esp. for the price.

Sauerkraut was also not bad, but too much vinegar to my taste.

Finally managed to get my hands on their not-so-new cauliflower patty. I opted for this

because I see that they have mushrooms in this one. I enjoyed the patty pretty much as it seems to contain mixture of mashed beans together with cauliflower and some vegetables. The buns were soft and fluffy as usual. The only thing I felt lacking was that the curry could have been more pronounced. Otherwose, a good vegan option to try!

Solid burger that is tasty— has all the elements of sweet, savoury, salty, sour and

spicy coming from the different elements in the burger like the sauces, fresh vegetables, amazing cauliflower patty, curry powder — delicious!

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