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First time eating at Haakon and this bowl was pretty okay I guess😅 the patty

was kinda mushy but the beetroot hummus was good! Portion size maybe a little small for me or maybe because I usually eat a bigger portion 😅

love the variety of bowls at haakon and i appreciate how they try to incporate

less-mainstream ingredients/cooking methods 🥺❤️

This is not the actual name of the dish. It's one of a couple of

vegan dishes offered at this cafe. This dish was simple and filling. I actually got hungry looking at it 😂

#haakon #avocado #quinoapatty

While this photo may not be the best, this salad - or rather bowl was

still rather filling with an okay pricetag or $11.90. Comprised of quinoa x cauliflower patty against a beetroot hummus alongside corn, legumes, broccoli, topped with passion orange vinaigrette. With is pretty good compared to other vegan options around town!

This was ok. We ordered delivery based on other reviews but at first glance there

was no avocado. I guess they stopped giving sliced avo and moved to a paste which wasn’t very good. I didn’t really like the patty but overall I’d say decent dish and appreciate that this place has a lot of vegan options.

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