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Most helpful reviews

Best clean eating healthy options without missing on flavors n spices. Mix of vegan patry,

hummus , guac , kimchi .

Taste healthy and tasty! Love the beet hummus, portion is enough to fill.

Very interesting and wide variety of selection. Chose the regular bowl: base (shirataki - $0.50

more) + protein (black peppered roasted tofu) + 3 sides (beetroot hummus, broccoli, lemon dill eggplant) + dressing (vegan green curry - NICE!) + topping (crunchy wasabi peas). Taste is superb, just wish the portion can be bigger. $12.40

I love how they bake the pumpkin and the portion is generous. Just scoring low

on presentation because dressing in the side when dining in is in plastic when they could have non disposable side dishes. Same goes for the green juice, really surprised to be served in plastic.
My diy includes pumpkin as a protein main (yeah we know it’s not protein but they have no real protein for vegans)
Corn and tomato salsa, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato mash, guacamole and toasted almonds. $14.90 total

Live the foods - nicely presented, decent portion (regular) and never over or under cooked

vegetables so far. Added a photo of the receipt for the breakdown of my bowl. The mash is so simple and perfect - no nonsense in it. The corn and legume salsa isn’t overwhelming and has more veg than sauce. The pumpkin was piping hot and nicely roasted. The hummus .. hmmm.... hummus ..... 😂 😍

(the bowl at the bottom!!) 3 scoops of sweet potato balls, bell peppers, cauliflower, tomatoes,

broccoli and vegan thai green curry which was vvv nice but salty

The beetroot and avocado toppings were awesome and the crunchy buckwheat was my fav aspect.

Don't recommend getting the zoodles though, they make the rest of the dish cold and wet

picked shirataki noodles as my base cause i have always wanted to try them! verdict:

honestly not a fan. it was extremely slimy and tasteless? would definitely go for something more substantial next time. actually everything on their own were pretty tasteless :( good portion of tofu though 👍🏼

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