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Most helpful reviews

the acai taste like choco ice cream cuz of the cacao! topped off w a

generous variety of fruits and nuts!! #veganin2020

Super chocolaty!! Silky texture, dark and Rich chocolaty flavour, topped with fruits: I loved everything

about it

This was alright! My fault, but I didn't realise it would be predominantly chocolate based

(I thought it was an acai bowl with chocolate toppings). Would probably prefer to just get their regular acai bowls in the future.


Another great and different Acai place, Haakon’s acai definitely hits all the right spots too!

Wanting the same idea as acai but another flavoured base, this cacao dessert was for sure blissful and super yummy! Filled with superfoods and granola, there was even a base of chia pudding 😋

Acai tasted like chocolate icecream. Didnt know the base is a blended. Wanted more acai

taste. Otherwise, fruits & all are good.

Not much left after removing granola and nuts (allergies). Cacao nibs have disappeared spontaneously as

well 🤦

Truly a blissful treat to satisfy those sweet cravings! #sg

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