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  • Avocado vegan bowl
  • Avocado vegan bowl

Avocado vegan bowl

by Haakon Superfoods and Juice


4.60 (5)

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26 April 2019
A decent enough vegan bowl with a zesty dressing... could be more for $12 though!

Definitely a bit on the pricey side but has to be done sometimes 😂

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16 February 2021
Love their avo vegan bowl— especially the quinoa patty, so savoury and delicious!

But because it’s only a bed of greens underneath, I get hungry quickly again... 🥺

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5 June 2019
Beetroot hummus, quinoa patty, Broccoli, corn and mixed beans

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7 August 2022
Not too bad for SGD 11.90.

The ingredients were simple but fresh. Enjoyed the pesto dressing and beetroot hummus. Wasn’t converted by the cauliflower patty but I appreciate that it was firm and...

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15 August 2022
Ordered the same salad bowl 1 week apart at the same outlet.

This time the amount of leaves (not visible, underneath the other ingredients) was quite little. Amount of pesto was even more pathetic.. Was good otherwise in terms of flavour 🥗

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