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Most helpful reviews

How do they find these recipes? Imaginative and so delicious. This is a little taste

bomb - it's zingy, fruity, doughy #greyton

I don’t have much experience with donuts and sweet treats as I’m more of a

savour person! But let me tell you that the Red-velvet donut form Grumpy & Runt is amazing!

The donut was warm, creamy and melted in my mouth. All the ingredients are 100% natural and vegan. Each donut takes 18 hours to make. The time is well spent and really pays off. You can expect different flavours regularly.

I found the donut really big and would suggest sharing one with someone although I did keep half for the next day and it was just as delicious.

Fluffy dough texture! The dough was not yo heavy and was well balanced with the sweet creaminess of the toppings.

Grumpy & Runt Donuts are LIFE!!! So fluffy and delicious! The red velvet one is

a bit too sweet for me - I prefer their plainer ones, but it’s still YUM. If I could eat their donuts everyday, I would 😜

Wow! This was so good! Been waiting to get Grumpy and Runt forever and it

did not disappoint! Would give it 5 stars but sadly it’s not that nutritious 😉

Absolutely amazing and a bit healthier than fried donuts. Super moist and decadent

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