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  • Vegan Sausage Bean And Cheese Melt

Vegan Sausage Bean And Cheese Melt

by Greggs


4.11 (13)

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29 October 2021
I’ve had this a few times now and I swear it’s been different every

time, in this one there was hardly any filling and it was quite burnt, but ones i’ve eaten before have definitely had more filling, which is a bit annoying but it still tastes pretty good. Although it probably won’t be available for long anyway as we are only allowed two options at a time at greggs for some reason! #veganisnotscary #day29

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9 July 2022
Finally tried one of these!

It was lukewarm but still quite nice - I love baked beans so I didn’t mind that it mostly tasted of them 🫘 #greggs #pastry #beans

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7 August 2021
Yay more choices for vegans on the high street!

Overall, a triumph and a great addition to the world of vegan baked-goods.

✔️ Nice flaky and crisp pastry

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29 September 2021
I quite liked the sausage pieces inside the bake.

The beans and cheeze had mixed together already and as always, I enjoyed the outside because I love puff pastry.

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9 August 2021
Never had the non-vegan version of this but I imagine it was pretty similar.

Obviously not very healthy but very homely and satisfying. Beans and pastry together is a big yes from me

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10 August 2021
I was so excited when I first heard these were coming to greggs and now

I've tried it, my dreams have come true. They are perfect! Veganism can stop now nothing will ever be better than this.

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5 August 2021
Very nice.

Would have tasted better hot. But still tasty 😋

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19 October 2021
This used to be one of my favourites, I’m still not a huge lover

of this type of pastry but there was plenty of filling and it was rather tasty & satisfying

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9 September 2021
Nice pastry quite tasty probably could do without cheese just have a bean and vegan

sausage one,cheese seems to add nothing.

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17 August 2021
Loved it, much better than the steak bake it replaced.

Cheesely, not light on sausages. Greggs pastry is great too.

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