Rare Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake

  • Is Rare Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake vegan? Yes! Rare Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Vegan cakesssss now available @greendotsg Paya Lebar outlet 😋🌱 Earlier tried Vegan Sea Salt Caramel

Cheesecake 😋 Delightful dessert

Vegan cheesecake made from nut cheese. And Oatly. Tastes exquisite.
Only found at the

Greendot at Paya Lebar.
Not too sweet and not too salty.

Liked this a lot..... especially the cookie alike base! 😋

I hardly patronise green dot cos

their menu isn’t too vegan friendly and their product shots are rather misleading. Big fonts stating plant based but majority are not plant based cos they contain dairy and egg. Even in dishes that can be easily veganised like curry or dumplings contains dairy. So this is pretty interesting to see. Offering vegan friendly desserts.

$7.90. Salted caramel cashew 'cheesecake' with a mousse-like texture and a scent of coconut milk.

Strong flavour profile combining sweetness and saltiness. Didn't really find it cheesecake-like, but maybe it was because I had it as takeaway so the texture was not ideal. Nonetheless, some might like this lighter take on cheesecakes.

Looks amazing and texture is silky smooth but tastes too much like coconut for a

cheesecake. Without the strong coconut taste would be 10/10 for me. A bit pricey too for a cake in greendot.


I like the texture, it is moist and creamy. The caramel taste is stronger than

the seasalt, and this cheese cake is sweeter because of the caramel drizzle. A bit costly though.

Unexpectedly good. Was able to enjoy though I'm not a dessert person

Love at first side, though its small its filling and taste damn good

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