Vegan Sushi Mix

by Green Sushi
5.00 (6)
  • Is Vegan Sushi Mix vegan? Yes! Vegan Sushi Mix is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

El mejor sushi vegano de Malta. Toda su carta es 100% vegana. Producto fresco, original

y de calidad. Solo recogida o delivery.

All rolls at Green sushi now even more healthy 😍 black rice is available what

is great because of lot’s of minerals but also it complements the original taste 👅

Om my gosh 🤤
Never ate so good sushi 😋 they are amazing, and it is

incredible how they look and with how much creativity they where made 😍
Thank you for that amazing rolls @green-sushi-mt

I got different sushi flavors to try and they are all amazing, I love this


This Place is my absolute favourite, when it comes to vegan sushi. Every sushi roll

literally looks like art, and you almost don't wanna eat them (ok, that's a lie, you definitely wanna eat them 🤭). Unfortunately this place is permanently closed for now, but they do open once in a while (I think usually it is about once a month towards the end of the month) for pick ups. I really hope, that at some point they will permanently open again✌️🙏

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