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Olive Fried Rice

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


4.60 (4)

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2 July 2022
oily but I think all olive fried rice dishes are haha.

super flavourful and also comes with small bits of mock meat! we were tempted to order a second plate but ran out of stomach space 😂

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26 June 2022
An unassuming dish that never disappoints fried rice lovers.

Well plated, tasty, and filling! $5.90 including GST and no service charge. Well worth it for the ambiance of a restaurant!

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23 January 2022
Well done and comparable to 8 treasures.

Every dish here is so good when eaten fresh

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24 October 2020
Definitely yummy!

Definitely a good-to-share portion, especially if you don't take so much rice. The olive taste is present so it is really nice!

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