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Mala Xiang Guo

by Green on Earth Vegetarian Cafe


4.32 (88)

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12 February 2022
#EveryEffortCount #12 Feb #43/365 #259

Finally dined in together with friend in this restaurant hahaha 🤪. First time we ate with chill lol! To me not so hot but a bit 麻! The chef might be bad mood 😒 it was a bit salty 😒 the boss of the restaurant walked passed by and after I feedback to him, he took back and make it not...

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6 March 2021
Went here with @elliott96 and collectively agreed at the counter that we’d get spicy level

heat.... and then the uncle proceeded to tell us (mostly Elliott) that it’s actually spicy 😂 it wasn’t too crazy spicy but spicy enough. Love their spread of mixture of mock plus veggies. Would recommend especially after a long walk around Bukit Timah 😂

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3 January 2021
"Dine in" for the first time at GOE and loved the concept of choosing your

mala add ons...

Loved it to the last...

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15 September 2022
#EveryEffortCount 16Sept #233/365 #1396

First time tried different mixed of ingredients and 小辣!Never expect it was perfect! Not too hot for you and not salty at all.

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25 May 2021
Already vegan, tastes just fantastic.

I'm yet to find a better Mala .


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18 February 2021
Finally got to try this 😍 it's a solid mala with lots of ingredients to

choose from! Ordered medium spicy and it was spicier than other places, but still tolerable 😋 the monkey head mushroom surprised me - I know it has a meaty texture but somehow this one also has a very nice savoury, almost beefy flavour? I regret not getting more but hopefully I can visit again...

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1 July 2021
not a smart idea to eat mala on such a hot day.... 😅😂 but as

usual GOE won me over with the variety & flavour!! love the monkeyhead mushroom and mock fish the most.

this was pricey though - $22.80 for 2 pax

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15 August 2021
YOOOO this was utter comfort food 🤤 they offer a fantastic selection of veg items

to choose for your mala!!! A little in the pricey side tho, but worth it!

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13 December 2020
Had been wanting to eat Mala for long.

I can write on n on how much I love it.

Go for...

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