Crunchy Soy Burger

by Green dot
4.60 (2)

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Crunchy Soy Burger ($8.90)

Ingredients: Sesame seed buns (toasted), soy patty, cucumber, tomato and lettuce with

black pepper sauce (vegan option)

The fries was really gooood. Thick-cut fries are the best. It’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! For the burger, they toasted the bun so it was crispy (a detail which I really appreciated as a fan of food with a crisp) 😊 I’m usually not a big fan of mock meat but this soy patty was pretty good and not too starchy.

My boyfriend said it was better than McChicken 🤪

#ntuvegan in JP

8.9$ for this burger and fries set.
Twice as Expensive as any meat based burger

Waiting for that day when the vegan food isn't pricey anymore!!
Anyways, tasted great!! Must try!!

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