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Omni Luncheon Fries

by Green Common Singapore


4.14 (45)

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30 January 2021
Love the thai chilli dip! Sweet spicy dip (not too spicy so non spicy eater

ok!) eat it while serve hot right away! #veganuary #abillionlove

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I’m a big fan of the Omni Luncheon! I grew up eating a lot of

luncheon meat (typical Singaporean/Cantonese thing), so I was delighted to find out Omnimeat introduced vegan luncheon meat to the market.

Like the non-vegan luncheon, it’s a versatile ingredient to work with; you can stir fry it on its own (it’s salty on its own), fry it with (vegan) eggs, or cut them into strips and fry them.

The luncheon fries were so savoury, I want more of them.

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Spam is probably one of the easier meat products to simulate, since it's a mostly

mysterious mash of mystery meat. Surprising it hasn't been done much before - so I LOVED getting to eat these gorgeously crispy Omni luncheon fries. Just the right side of umami salty, with a lovely crunch. Goes so well with the truffle mayo!! #abillionlove

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i’m a sucker for spam so i really loved the omni luncheon meat in this!

😍 good amount of salty and goes well with the vegan dip. we felt like the portions were small for $8 though 😩


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The flavors of the fries and dip are on point - good finger food! I

do think the portion is kinda small so it's not that worth it imo, especially since you can just buy the luncheon meat from their store.

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I liked this a lot, way more dense than sweet potato fries - to make

a comparison. I actually would like to recreate this at home using the air fryer. It’s not crunchy but that was okay for me, and it’s wasn’t salty however still seasoned, which again was what I was looking for. #abillionturns3

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