HK Style French Toast

  • Is HK Style French Toast vegan? Yes! HK Style French Toast is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Nicely-caramelised and crunchy toasts without being too sweet. It is topped with bananas, berries, and

maple syrup.

The toast paired really well with the caramelised bananas. Could have more maple syrup though

HK-Style French Toast w creme brûlée bananas, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & lots of maple syrup

🍞🍓🫐🫖 The thick toast was really soft & fluffy on the inside 🍯✨🥺 #toast #dessert #sgbreads

This french toast was sooo fluffy! The syrup was a little too sticky and sweet

for my liking but 100% in love with the toast! Still waiting for the day when most cafes serve a #vegan version of french toast but till then Green Common is a good shout 🍞🌟 This was $13! #abillionturns3

Hehe this was my complimentary gift from green common during my bday month and boy

it dosent disappoint! Only negative is the bread was rather dry but loved the glaze on top! Very aesthetically pleasing dessert too! #saveveganrestaurants 💚💚💚

With the travel bubble to Hong Kong nowhere to be seen, settling for this HK

style French French Toast will have to do. I miss mornings with Yuan Yang and nice thick golden toast in a local cha chaan teng. Sometimes even sharing the table with a stranger or practicing my non-existent Cantonese. This vegan brûlée toast was rather fluffy as vegan breads go, comes with a caramelised banana, blueberries, raspberries, strawberry and maple syrup. Perfect grub for a post walk meal!

crunchy vegan brulee toast accompanied by banana, berries and maple syrup. a bit too much

syrup but still one of my fav dishes!! this actually had an eggy taste (HOW?!?!) and the bread was so thick yet fluffy 🤤 satisfied my french toast cravings for sure!!! ($13+ for full portion)

The bread is crispy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside 😍

so good! The server asked me if I took onion/garlic when I ordered this though.. So that was a bit strange lol

The caramelised banana is my fav. Pretty yums. But thought it will be ‘complete’ if

they offered vegan condensed milk cos it’s hk style.. 😬

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